hope in "ethical and safe" farming

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PLANTS 'give-off' FUMES at times of what-ever it is they "suck up"(consume/uptake)... What is the fertilizer? What are the soil conditions like? How about the water quality? Or even the air quality, a plant may "suck in" air pollutants and then perhaps concentrate such and RE-EMIT SUCH in given proportions and if you are the gardener you may get ill, especially but not limited to if you are in a CONFINED SPACE. You also could get sick from consuming the actual polluted plant itself.


You may want to take/use a moment to CONSIDER VEGANISM for the PEACE of it all ~ before we go any further. Maybe Just enter such a wonderful word into your VOCAB for starters... let's see what GROWS.


It may be UNWISE to use "RAPED or SLAUGHTERED" manures.

It may not be wise to use murdered or even "scavenged" animal products/wastes. Thinking about this largely/primarilly for the reason of "health-ethics", however also for the reason of more basic physical-HEALTH. Ethics is a primary baseline when discussing "health".  Simply for the "physical-realism" consider Health linked with saying this ~ we really do not know what that bird or bat or fish or cow was eating which you say that you are going to be using the waste of... think about it.

Be-careful of dangerous fertilizers.  We may come to realize there are certain FERTILIZERS(based on chemistry) that we really do not want to use at all.


There may be a CONCERN of "tripping seedlines" to the degree that the seeds are all "unstable" so to speak and then you either have to use REVERSE CHEMISTRY or maybe genetic engineering to "re-stabilize/balance" the seed line... or else we may all turn into "TRIPPING CRACK HEADS".


Some fertilizers were/are LACED out with acids or other chemicals, for whatever reason I do not really know why, maybe to illustrate something. Be very careful with the nutrients that you use... are they SAFE? ~ or are they TRIPPED OUT? NARCOTIC like substances  in FERTILZER? ~ you tell me.

I personally think I have made mistakes by my IGNORANT use of certain branded "packaged fertilizers". (perhaps like many of us may have)

Maybe some fertilizers were not meant to be used any more than as "experimental" concoctions ~ however for reasons unknown/uncertain they were being sold on the mass markets. We can only speculate. Perhaps in some cases it was an honest mistake, just flawed science~"reading the numbers wrong".

It would be wise to know about your soil ~ for example you may not want to grow food crops in soil right beside your CHLORINE SWIMMING POOL or PAINT CHIPPINGS or VINYL SIDING RUNOFF or POLYURETHANE drippings OR certain-LAWN-FERTILIZER-loads or PAINTED/dyed MULCH etc etc ~ as you may be ingesting those substances thru the consumption of the "blueberry-plant" or "tomato" which 'sucked it up'...


Whether you use hydroponics or soil, it probably would be wise to have your water tested ~ what is tested? I guess a complete breakdown thru some analyzation technique that tells us everything which is in the sample ~ I think that is what we would ideally want. Imagine a component that we'd have on our water source which "constantly" tests the water so that you can regularly/periodically check to make sure the water-source is not contaminated. This would be ideal, eh? It could have ALARMS if things go too "off line" as far as POLLUTION goes.
(commercial or residential use)

First we need WATER PURIFICATION/treatment SYSTEMS/devices that actually give us PURE WATER.

What is AERO-ponics? I do not have knowledge on such as to what would be used,  ~ I guess "true aero-ponics" would rely on VAPOR or FUMES in an enclosed "root chamber" of sorts.


With any kind of GROWING OPERATION we want to be safe ~ it would be TRAGIC to DIE or become ill because of TOXIC FUMES or BAD FERTILIZERS or what have you, while growing the plants we so love and adore.

There are many wonderful plants that we have on this planet. Some we consume, others we may not choose to consume. Some we consume as in ornamental value, some we eat, some we make chairs and tables or houses out of. I hope for: better SAFER crops by in part thru better fertilizers and growing methods. QUALITY ASSURANCE THRU SAFETY MEASURES TAKEN ~ better chemistry.


There are numerous plant-based "garden additives" which I have come to see being talked about on the internet, TO BE CLEAR ~ I do not know the 'ins and outs' of them HOWEVER below I list some I have seen others speaking about(and there may be a lot more "better ones" as well) ~ from what I read they can be grown as cover crops and then directly tilled in or they can be grown "off-site" and brought to the growing site and tilled in.

SOME EXAMPLES: Ground corn-meal/gluten, Kelp Meal, Soybean-Meal, hemp-seed-meal, beet-juice-concentrations, certain types of "weeds", oats or rye ... many numerous other plants. SOME PLANTS MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR "ammendments", there may be the concern of toxicity. For safety sake It would depend what these above listed "plant ammendments" are grown with themselves.

Is there is the ideation of attenuation with the additives "breaking down" just like with fertilizers or what have you...


Certain PURE "ELEMENTS" may be suitable ~ this may be the "ticket to ride" so to speak for anyone interested in SAFE SYNTHETIC FERTILIZER.(Many of the minerals which are sold today for "agricultural-crop use" are "inferior" to the degree that they contain components which may be dangerous, so in essence for someone to SYNTHETICALLY purify a "sample" and extract just exactly what the plant NEEDS in order to grow, and what will not harm the creature eating the plant, is moreover what we perhaps really want.) It's funny yet true that a lot of this is about understanding the BASICS, understanding the ELEMENTS.

Number One ~ THINK VEGAN, number two ~ reconsider the "room for squares". BACK TO THE BASICS

WHAT ELEMENTS do plants like? And what will be safe for man to consume. Some "chemicals" may be acceptable to the plant in a given 'term' but they may not be something which is "acceptable" to the human body, and so to apply such chemicals to the tomato plant could be then like growing "POISONED-tomatoes". What they tell you in your "science book" MAY or MAY not be accurate, remember there may be mistakes with some of the information, and we just have to run some "new experiments"... technically speaking we should always/continuously encourage basic tests of "elemental plant uptake" in our scientific communities. Basic tests to always "check" our science as we progress thru time, I mean especially when we are considering the BASICS of something revolving around how we produce our FOOD SUPPLY. Over generations we may even find that some plants change the way they uptake certain nutrients or what nutrients they actually uptake.(perhaps from mutation or what have you)


POSSIBLY, and from what I hear there are "ADVANCED CHEMICAL" or even MORE ADVANCED and DIRECT BIOLOGICAL "inputs" that can be created in the lab, in testubes, growing chambers, dishes etc etc ~ stuff which would in fact be SAFE and WONDERFUL to use in some cases as FERTILIZER/NUTRIENTS/additives.



FERTILIZERS : Discuss ORGANIC fertilizers: Just exactly what is organic? What do the terms "artifical" and "synthetic" refer to?(consider safe Compounds, and basic elemental applications) What is natural? With any fertilizer we want to ask: Is it safe for creatures at large and for the health(long and short term) of our planets-environment. And of course we may ask if it is safe for the plant's health in a pose not only where we wish to have access and enjoyment of the plant, however we may come to more purely/genuinely ask : what is the best interest of the plant? (Considerations of good relationship with the plant.)

*raped/slaughtered animal wastes are not-good ~BASED on the notion that  the murder and rape in the first place is WRONG.

*there may even be concerns using non-raped animal wastes(what was that creature eating, and do you want it in your food lineage?)

*some plants are TOXIC so you would not wish to use them as "compost" ~ either because the particular plant itself is "toxic" in that way when you concentrate it, or because maybe the particular pile of compost you collected was from random people's lawn clippings and you never know what "chem-lawn" fertilizer somebody may be applying or maybe the orange peels and banana peels are laced with pesticide/herbicide so in fact your compost is a HAZARDOUS situation.

*danger of certain minerals/elements -  Are there concerns with "METEOR-ROCK" examples like illustrated in a small yet POPULAR HIT TV SERIES?

*danger of certain chemicals(like "tripping-acids") in fertilizer

*what about BACTERIA and YEASTY concerns? And what about what some people label out as "microbes" or enzymes?

*what about any concerns with what they call "nano-technology"?

*What about different growing mediums like "rock-wool" or other synthetic materials being used?

*Discuss perlites and vermiculites.

*Discuss the HORMONES such as "rooting hormones", and other hormones.

*Is this acceptable? : "humanure" - maybe this would have to be done on SMALL scale basis and only in "tested batches" because some people's waste could be safe where as other people's waste may not be. Consider someone who is on certain PILLS ~ we would not want to use such waste from that person to grow let's say a tomato and then we'd eat the tomato and we'd eat RESIDUES of the pill thru the action of PLANT UPTAKE and the pill chemicals then being by in part "in the tomato". This action of using HUMAN-MANURE will probably be more "communal" if it is to work on any scale larger than individual, maybe it should really ONLY BE DONE on INDIVIDUAL BASIS(for individual private gardens) - maybe each gardener who would want to venture into this arena would privately handle his own waste. There could be numerous things that each person may be afflicted by or consuming at any given time as to make his waste "unfit". This subject in general is something which is a tricky issue ... I do not think it is a good idea how they "seemingly" sell stuff from large scale sewage treatment-operations and label it as "organic fertilizer" - who knows what is in that stuff, or what? When people AT LARGE get on "plant based diets" and people are careful with what they put down their DRAINS moreover is when you can see this ideation coming into play in more of a safe reasonable manner. Perhaps we could picture fields of this "tilled in" safer HUMANURE being used to grow "cover crops"(to be tilled in on site) for several years and then after a period of the field not being used/farmed it could and would be safe to use for edible-crop growing, there can be DANGERS with this so really be careful.  How do we "test safe" our "manures"? Is this really of a matter of "working such in" over a number of years perhaps for proper "attenuation" - as perhaps most forms of viable FERTILIZER should be handled. What is the CONNECTION if any that is made between "you" who are eating a "tomato" that was grown with your "brother's" manure-waste?(This all may have to to with ratios and the notion of "breaking the waste down" prior to using it to grow food-crops, based obviously on what is in the waste.)

Sometimes throughout history because of the "high-paced" demand for crop production and competition to stay in business, sometimes a field would be used in ways that it should perhaps not be in some cases OVERLOADING with fertilizer.  Or using a field that perhaps would have been better to ATTENUATE for a number of years before being used to grow consumer crops.

ALL THIS BEING SAID : I think there are VERY safe (ethical and healthy) synthetic and/or organic options that we as a society have ~ if we can only GET OUR STUFF TOGETHER.


I know this webpage is labeled/addessed: herb.20fr.com however,

Before one has "safe herbs" one needs safe fertilizers.Today I(personally) know very little about "herbs" for any purpose : culinary-use, medicinal-intake, or aromatic-wonders. (All of which in reality would flow together concerning HEALTH)

One could consider "clinics" where herbs are "studied" and such as to say, but first and foremost HERB QUALITY is of great concern. We do not want to have an "experiment" thrown off because of faulty fertilizer or poor water quality which "tainted" the herb, right?


USUALLY There are many different varieties of any given plant ~ when someone says BASIL or TOMATO or CANNABIS or CORN ~ each has many varieties


AGAIN, IGNORE non-vegan advertising or contact them and encourage them to change to be vegan. And when it comes to the "fertilizer market" try to ask questions or do research and find out what you are getting into.  Hope in a better crop.